How to Restring a Black and Decker Electric Trimmer?

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An electric trimmer can also be used to trim delicate flower beds or to cut through thickets of grass or weeds which would choke out most lawnmowers.

It has been carefully created to cut through your lawn’s overgrown hedges, grass, and other vegetation.

They are easier to use and maintain than gas-powered versions. An electric trimmer’s motor produces less noise and vibration than a gasoline engine.

It also doesn’t emit the same amount of pollution as a gas engine. It comes in handy when it’s time to cut the grass at the edge of your yard. It’s a tool that a lot of homeowners and gardeners utilise.

A trimmer is useful for most lawns because it allows you to reach spots that are difficult to reach with a mower.

A string trimmer makes it much easier to keep the landscape in shape whether you have a piece of lawn that goes along a fence line, grass that grows against the trees or a house in your lawn.

Types of Electric String Trimmer

  • Cordless Electric String Trimmer: When compared to corded string trimmers, cordless string trimmers offer greater mobility. Lithium-ion batteries with a voltage range of 40 to 80 volts provide more power and runtime than batteries with a lower voltage range, allowing you to tackle bigger chores. Depending on the battery and the charger, charging times might range from less than an hour to several hours.
  • Corded Electric String Trimmer: String trimmers with a cord give continuous power without the need for recharging or the added weight of a battery. An extension cable is required for a corded trimmer, which limits the size of the work area and might be difficult to operate if your yard contains trees or other obstructions.

Advantages of Electric Trimmer

  • Handheld trimmers are typically less in weight than standard mowers due to their ergonomic design.
  • These mowers can be readily manoeuvred to neatly trim tricky areas like hedges, fences, and trees.
  • Trimmers are simple to start, lift, and carry for extended lengths of time.
  • Electric string trimmers do not pollute the environment.
  • Lighter trimmers have curved drive shafts, which cause less stress to the user. This makes using the mower more stable while also making it easier.
  • These are the most cost-effective instruments for the job in small to medium-sized areas.

Disadvantages of Electric Trimmer

  • They aren’t appropriate for vast spaces.
  • Petrol-powered trimmers are loud, and the two-cycle engine could pollute the environment.
  • Models for tougher weeds are typically larger and bulkier.
  • It can take a long time to replace a string if it breaks.
  • Electricity is a constrictive model.

How to Restring a Black and Decker Electric Trimmer?


Remove the battery from the trimmer or unplug it. To steady the trimmer, sit on a bench and turn it over, holding the shaft with your legs. By pressing the two tabs on the sides with your fingers and removing the cover of the trimmer head, you can remove it. Remove the old string from the spool by lifting it out.


Prepare a 20-foot length of a 0.065-inch monofilament thread by measuring it with a tape measure and cutting it from a roll with scissors. Wind the string in the direction of the arrow etched on the top of the spool by inserting one end of the string in one of the two holes in the hub of the spool.


When you have about 6 inches of string remaining on the end of the string, you can stop winding. In one of the two notches on the rim of the spool, hook the string.


As you replace the spool in the trimmer head, pass the end of the string through the hole in the side of the head. Place the spool on the pinion and turn it until it is correctly seated. Replace the cap on top of the head and firmly press it down to secure it.

Safety Tips

  • When the string runs out, you have two options: replace the entire trimmer head with, string the empty spool yourself or a pre-strung one.
  • Use a 0.065-inch trimmer line to re-string the spool; the heavier line will not proceed properly and it may harm the machine is utilized.
  • Use 0.065-inch braided thread instead of smooth string if you need more cutting force for difficult weeds.
  • You can move the guard to make swapping the string easier, but prior to actually using the trimmer; make sure it’s back in its original position.

Maintenance of Electric Trimmer

To function properly, all-electric trimmers require routine maintenance. Cleaning, inspection, and trimmer line replacement are all necessary maintenance procedures. Battery maintenance is also required for cordless devices. Engine maintenance is required for gas trimmers; including air filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and oil changes for some types. Common string trimmer maintenance procedures can be found at String Trimmer Maintenance.

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How to Restring a Black and Decker Electric Trimmer?

Electric trimmers are crucial gardening tools, and learning how to use them can be beneficial. You can get the most out of your trimmer while still keeping a beautiful lawn. Follow the steps mentioned above to restring your Black and Decker trimmer.


Is a blade string trimmer or an electric string trimmer better?

When it comes to trimming around trees and rocks, string trimmers are safer than bladed trimmers. Bladed trimmers are more effective in edging along with concrete or cutting through dense foliage. A bladed trimmer outperforms a string trimmer, but it’s not as safe to use around trees, roots, and rocks.

What are the requirements for restringing a black and decker electric trimmer?

Restringing a black and decker electric trimmer requires 0.065-inch monofilament string, a tape measure, and scissors.

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